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Comparing film and text

The film “The Long Walk Home” and the chapter from “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” depict life in segregated south. We will further explore narrative techniques, conflicts, characters, and themes in both stories.
1. Both stories use a narrator. Compare and contrast the voices of Cassie Logan and Katherine Thompson.
2. Compare and contrast Miriam and Odessa.
3. Compare and contrast Odessa Cotter and Mary Logan.
4. Compare and contrast Mr. Thomson and Mr. Cotter.
5. Compare and contrast the conflicts in the film and in the novel chapter.
6. Compare and contrast non-violent protest in the film and in the novel chapter.
7. Compare and contrast celbration of Christmas in Miriam’s and Odessa’s homes.
8. Analyze the treatment of solidarity in both stories.
9. Analyze the treatment of sacrifice in both stories.

Select a question from the list and draft your answer using Open Office Writer. Stay focused. Support your argument with 3 details. Revise and edit your answer. Publish the final version as a comment to this post.
Remember to type the question.

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    Odessa and Mary Logan are black womens. Mary Logan is a teacher who work in the great faith elementary and secondary school in a small rural area. Odessa is a made of a white family and also take care a little girl. Odessa had sacrificed in a lot of things because she had to walk along to get to her work it is a long way…
    Odessa and Mary Logan are similar because both have to walk very long to get to their work and also both are discrinate for white people….odessa and mary logan are a courage woman who comfront their problem..

    Comment by al3 | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. compare and contrast non-violent protests in the film and in the novel chapter.

    Starting in THE LONG WALK HOME, black people were protesting for their freedom, but white people were also protesting, the only thing was that white people were protesting for kick black out of their way, and black people never give up besides they kept fighting against racism, and after a long time they finally did it but the also had to scarified some benefits they had one of them were riding the buses, or other transportation.

    And about the other story ROLL OF THUMDER, HEAR MY CRY Jeremy was in the school, and there weren’t plenty book for all of them but they always try to give better book for the white kids.
    And one day in the school Jeremy took a dirty and old book and she told the teacher but the teacher say that she had to use that book even though if it was so damage, and dirty

    Comment by V3 | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. Compare and contrast the conflicts in the film and in the novel chapter.
    The conflict in THE LONG WA LK HOME was that Miriam was almost went to get Odessa to work but her husband stared to ask were Miriam go. Miriam says that she was went to the market and then pick up Odessa, Miriam is husband get mad because Miriam was given a ride to Odessa. So then Miriam call Odessa, and Miriam tell Odessa that she can’t give a ride anymore because her husband knows that Miriam was give ride to her. So that day Odessa has to walk to work. But Odessa is husband doesn’t like too that Odessa get a ride with Miriam.

    Th conflict in ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY the conflict stared when little men doesn’t want the book that miss daisy crocker was given to them,because they give then these Ole books when they didn’t want’ em no more thats why he didn’t want the book. The Cassie Logan says that she I don’t want my book neither.

    Both story’s the character walk to work like Odessa in the long walk home and Roll of thunder Cassie Logan and little man they have to walk to school that is one of the the think the both story’s have in common. But in the long walk home Odessa doesn’t walk because she want

    Comment by L3 | April 9, 2009 | Reply

  4. In the story for Odessa Cotter . Odessa had sacrificed in a lot of things and she wasn’t the only one , it was all the black Negroes , and Odessa owner miss Merriam Thompson who almost sacrificed her marriage . Odessa and the other black Africans did not ride the bus at all . It was the first step of the Civil rights Movement , called the boycott . That was a sacrifice . Also miss Merriam Thompson also sacrificed with Negroes (Black Africans ) by giving rides to the to the people who are joying the boycott Movement . When her husband find out he was very frustrated . And he almost broke up with her .
    In the story Roll of Thunder , Hear My Cry there were some sacrificing . Cassie was the oldest sister of Little Man . They were at the same school , and the same class but they are in different grades . One day both of them were really excited about them having books of there own for the school year from the school . It was there first book . They thought the books would new and shining . But they were disappointed after they saw the books . They were all rusty and dirty . There were words written on it in every were . When Little Man received his book he thought he could get better than that . So he asked for another one which got the very frustrated , but after all he realized that the book he got was the best he could get so he sat down . After a while he was looking through the pages then suddenly he stoped and through the book on the ground which had the teacher frustrated again , the reason that made Little Man through the book was because he saw a chart that separated the Whit people books . Which were clean and pretty from the blacks which were dirty rusty old books , so he sacrificed his book , and got in trouble so did his sister Cassie .

    Comment by anas | April 8, 2009 | Reply

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