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StetsonSince 2007, this has been a blogosphere extension of my ESL classes – a virtual meeting place for Engaged Smart Learners. Interaction with my classes made me realize that huge intellectual potential, creative energy, passion for technology and business attitude of the students could be used to create an exciting on-line content. I am looking forward to contributions from the young writers.  About moderator

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  1. I think the art that is shown on this website, are really good. They show alot of commitment, and patience. A few didnt look vary good. And i dont know why they would post them up. But i did like them over all. Most of them got the hang of the mosaic art work all they have to work on is to try and make them look better then they did. Because a few of them did look like crap.
    The thing that i likes the most about some of the art work was the time it took to make it. I know they put into making the mosaic art work. Some people rushed through it and made it look horrible. Like leaving big black spaces on the art work when they were supposed to fill up the entire paper. And others put the pictures together in a hurry.
    So on this website i found some art peaces that i really liked because they took the time to do the project, and put a lot of effort into it. And there were some that i couldnt understand why they showed at all because they looked bad to me.

    Comment by Phillip Porter | May 21, 2010 | Reply

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