ROOM 219

virtual extension of the ESL classroom

Interview with an architect

ESL students meet an architect.

Post your questions to Mr. D as comments, please

May 23, 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. omg! that was a nice chatter! My second career is going to be Architectural šŸ™‚

    Comment by Ana Rubalcava | September 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. do you like your job?
    what plans do you have for your feature?
    do you have family?

    Comment by ws8 | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. How did you deside you wont it to be an architect?
    Do you like your job?

    Comment by QD | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  4. How much can a architect make in a year?

    What do you like most about your job?

    What do you dislike most about your job?

    Comment by J.V.8 | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  5. Why did you decided to become an architect?
    Do you feel some special connections with some of the buildings that you have designed?
    Are you happy with the job you have?
    What’s the most attractive aspect of your job?
    Do you feel it in your heart??

    Comment by A.H.8 | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  6. how does it feels to work on the bruclen bridge?

    Comment by LZ | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  7. How many years do you need to study to become an architect?
    From what school did you graduate?
    How much money do I need to pay to become an architect?

    Comment by AG5 | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  8. Was it hard to make your dream?

    Did you know what you wanted to be?

    How much education did you need?

    Comment by UV5 | May 23, 2011 | Reply

  9. How does your professional relation to the concept of place influence your response to setting in literature? In other words, how did your professional training make you a different reader?

    Comment by Dr.M | May 23, 2011 | Reply

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