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104 Irregular Verbs

March 3 – 13 VERB MARATHON
Your goal is to master the spelling and usage of 104 irregular verbs by the end of the Spring break.
Pacing is important. Study 10 verbs every day before the Spring break. Start today with Set 1. Look at your grammar cast – photographs of family, firends, school staff, and celebrities that you put together last fall. Think what these people did, write sentneces, and post examples as blog comments. Review and practice during vacation. Come back to class empowered by knowledge of the irregular verbs.

Use resources:

Irregular verbs – lists, exercises, flash cards –

Goldilocks –

Overview of verbs and quizzes –

Set 1


As soon as I came home, I took my dog to the dog park. While we were there, she found an old ball. She brought it home with her, but I saw it and told her to leave it outside. She did what I asked her to do. She got a treat as a reward for good behavior. She made me happy.

What’s your story?

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