ROOM 219

virtual extension of the ESL classroom

Adventure in a Museum

Watch a demo:

Who is the main character in the story?
What is the setting?
What is the conflict?
What are events (plot)?

Vocabulary: escape, collaborate, careful, collide, collect, collection, museum

What will happen next? Brainstorm your ideas and post them as comments.

You may choose to develop this idea.
Turkey goes to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry where she meets Kate.
Kate is a roommate at the museum. You can read about the Month at the Museum project at Kate’s blog and the museum site:

What fun things can visitors do at the museum?
What can Kate and Turkey do at night or when museum is closed?
Remember to search Kate’s blog for the words on our vocabulary list.
Keep a list of words and sketch events on the storyboard form.
For example, egg hatching described by Kate on the blog is developed into a story:

Created on

Created on

If you want to create your own story and set it in a different museum, here are a few links to my favorite places.

In Dallas:
Dallas Museum of Art: (I have a membership. Member+ship is a state of being a member of an organization, just like friend+ship is a state of being a friend.)

Crow Collection of Asian Art: (An amazing art center in a compact space!)

In Fort Worth:
Kimbell Art Museum: (“The Kimbell’s permanent collection is small in size, comprising fewer than 350 works of art, and distinguished by an extraordinary level of artistic quality and importance.” Wow! COMPRISE means “to be made up of” – prefix COM again.)

Fort Worth Zoo: (My membership to the zoo will expire, or stop being active, in January.)

In Washington:
Smithsonian Museums:

= Mother leaves her son in the museum.
= Two freinds go to the museum.
= A young man invites his girlfirend to the museum.
= All friends go to the museum, but one student stays home and studies vocabulary for a test
= Shopping at the museum store
Item ______
To Whom_______ (2 teachers and 2 people of your choice)
Words you will write on the cart
= Vocabulary lessons (watch the example:

with RU:
1) A kid left in the museum (Unsupervised!!!)
2) Submarine
3) Aviation “I’d like to be an engineer and build airplanes!”
4) Mother returns (a happy reunion)
Period 5:
with UV: Air and Space Museum in Washington DC (aviation),Inside (???aviators, disappearing, interplanetay, extreterrestrial), the White House (presidential pardon)
with AG: Entrance with alarm (restricted, invisible, television), Kate (impossible, inspect, collections), Comfort (invite, transparent cube, refreshments), Fun (recreation of tornado), End??? inspiration
Period 8:
with CP: Technological progress (telephone, television, electronic communication), Zoo report Technological (progress, disadvantage, inhabitants), Declaration-proclamation (coexistance), Promotional action (superstition, nomination), Convention at the Zoo (celebration, ???)

with WS:
T goes to X-mas show
Dialogue: T:”If only I could have a conversation with dear Santa …”
What you see: magic picture of Santa in room 4
S: “Ho-ho-ho! Hello, visitor. Are you just another viewer or are you a believer in me?”
T: “I have always been a faithful believer in your magic powers, Mr. Clause!”)
Vocabulary: viewer, believer, faithful

What you see: the same room as 2;
S: “Ho-ho-ho! What’s your wish?”
T:”Immunity from the death by cooking.” –
S: ” You are immortal now! Be fearless!” – “Thank you-thank you-thank-you!”)
Vocabulary:immunity, immortal, fearless

With QD: Gift (unpredictable, compact box-> “What’s in this compact box?” …opens the box … a ticket to DMA falls out …”This is an unexpected gift!”), Card “Best wishes to the winner of the art competition 2010! Frequent visits to the museum combined with your talent will help you win a scholarship to college.”, Museum Website (too much information!, unmanageable… ???), In the museum (incredibly beautiful building, ???), End???(gifts for others ??? college scholarship??? )

with JV: 1) Membership expired, 2) Renew, problem – no money, 3) ??? performs compositions 4) ???

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    What happen in museum?

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  15. Turkey will discover Kate sleeping under the Christmas tree. They will go to the Green House to look at interior design. Turkey and Kate will go and read books in the Tiny Books collection.

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  16. When both are known, they begin a friendship,so the Turkey is going to be safe in the museum because Kate will protect it and she’s going to hide it until passes Thanksgiving day thus the Turkey is going to be safe.

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  17. the turkey will be safe inside of the building.

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  18. the girl found turkey and she show hem the museom wen she finish shoing the museum to it she eat the turkey jajaja end…

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    • What a sad ending! In the terms of literary analysis this type of ending is described as “ironic twist” – the protector becomes the destroyer. You have the right to turn my story into a tragedy, and I reserve the right to decline your suggestion and let Kate rescue my character.

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