ROOM 219

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“The Experiment” by Martin Raim

Examine these posters created on Wordle:
Poster One:

Poster Two:

Associate each poster with the story elements choosing from CHARACTERS, SETTING, PLOT). Defend your choice.
You may use this sentence frame for your answer:
This poster shows the …
I chose this association because …

1) Retell the story using all the verbs in Poster Two.
2) Review the story to find adjectives that describe nouns in Poster One and write a descriptive paragraph.
3) Make your own Wordle about the character.
4) With your partner, roleplay an interview with the man in the story for this blog. Post the transcript as a comment.

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  1. Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!This is AH8 reporting from Nimitz Library. I’m with JV who is the man that participated in “the experiment”. And we’re here to interview him.
    OK. Mr. V I have some questions for you.

    1.Why did you want to participate in the experiment?
    -Because I wanted to test my intellectual capacity and be famous.

    2.How did you feel in the beginning of the experiment?
    -Well I felt that everything was gonna be very easy and that I could escape from the cell.
    I felt confident.

    3.What was your plan to try to escape?
    -I saw a light coming from the shield, I look closer and then I saw the 3 prongs holding it, so I decided to use the 3 metal prongs to scratch the morder between the cement blocks.

    4.Why was the shield your only attraction?
    -Because a light was coming out from the shield, I believed that the light was the correct way to find the exit.

    5.What did you think when the 3 prongs broke?
    -I was very angry because I believed that these prongs are my only way to escape.
    At that time I thought that I couldn’t get free.

    6.Did you think of another way to escape?
    -No, because my only focus was the shield, so my mind would not think of another solution.

    7.What were your feelings when you found out that the door was unlocked all the time?
    -I felt so bad,because I thought that my plan was perfect and it wasn’t.
    So I felt disappointed because I never thought that the door was unlocked, but at the same time I felt happy because I was free.
    8.What did you learn in this experiment?
    -That some times the problem’s solution are easy to find,more that what we believe.

    We conclude with this our interview with Mr. JV, who was the man that participated in the experiment.
    Thank you so much, I appreciate the time you gave me to interview you.
    Have a nice day.

    Comment by AH8 | November 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. P3:
    What was the purpose of the experiment? Why did they have the experiment? What did they try to prove?

    What did you look for? What did you try to find?

    Were you angry?

    Why did you volonteer?

    How did you feel when you failed?

    Comment by Dr.M | October 28, 2010 | Reply

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