ROOM 219

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Mr. Scoring: IN- Action

Look at the map and you’ll see it – the remarkable province of Sportland with its stadiums, fields, and gyms. There lived remarkable athletes, too. There lived the talented Mr. Scoring, the top-scoring player on the soccer team. Like many other inhabitants of the country, Mr. Scoring had a dream. He wanted to be inducted in the Soccer Hall of Fame. Every night he invoked the spirit of the Ball the Powerful and preyed for help. Soon, his dream came true. After the committee examined the input from all the judges, Mr. Scoring was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame. The great player was so happy that he wanted to go home and celebrate with his favorite food – Ketchup!

However, his happiness was short-lived. Mr. Bad from the neighboring province of Badia wanted to take Mr. Scoring’s place. Needless to say, Mr. Bad was a very-very bad soccer player, but he was a good spy. He broke into Mr. Scoring’s house and injected red paint into a bottle of Ketchup. When poor Scoring came home and saw the bottle, he acted on an impulse, opened it and ingested the whole bottle without inspecting it.

Poor Scoring felt sick for a few hours, but soon his strong body recovered. He resumed his intensive soccer practice. Meanwhile, the police found the criminal. Mr. Bad was imprisoned. What an incredible story!

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