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Kim Corbet and John Cage

I was with John Cage for only one week in 1986 yet it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I was in a quartet called BL Lacerta (named for a deep space radio source) and we asked him to write us a piece for our concert at the Dallas Museum of Art.

To our great surprise he wanted to fly down and join us on stage. The first night he cooked for us and talked about being ‘in the moment’, meaning not thinking about anything but here and now and being aware of every sound.

In the concert, we were stationed in the 4 corners of the theatre while he sat on stage and chanted like a Tibetan monk. At one point I remember running faster and faster in circles around the audience playing one long note (the same note Cage was singing) on my accordion while my friends played faster and faster on clarinet, marimba and cello.

After the concert, John came to a reception at my little house in Parkdale overflowing with people from the show. I remember he was standing with his back to the kitchen sink as dozens of people got closer to hear what he had to say.

“It’s wonderful to be here” and people smiled thinking the same thing all through the house. We were very aware of being ‘here now’.
Kim Corbet’s personal performance and educational resource site:

Musician’s choice:
“okay…I’ve written my comment and think 18 (the oldest comment) is the most inclusive though they’re all very much the same. 18 simply has more complete information. plus there’s evidence of curiosity and learning. Cage would have liked that and so do I.

lemme know if there’s anything else I can do. I used to routinely visit a friend who lived right around the corner from Nimitz. great name…Nimitz.”

The winner is DR2. Congratulations!

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