ROOM 219

virtual extension of the ESL classroom


Discipline Ditties
Do you want to be cool?
Bring your ID badge to school.
This rule applies to all:
You MUST walk in the hall.
No standing and talking;
Keep walking, walking, walking.
Observing the dress code
Promotes the learning mode.
May I have your attention? –
Tardies stand for detention.
Memorize this rhyme:
You MUST be on time.
A phone ringing in class?
An office referral, alas!
MP3 players spell trouble –
You will be fined and pay double.
Do you hear me, dude?
Never be rude.
Follow the etiquette.
You’d be glad you didn’t forget.
Whether you are a lad or lass,
Stay on task in class.
You will not buy principals’ affection
If they find you short of perfection.
Remember to bring your laptop
And jump with technology to the top.
Complete your homework.
You will get a perk!
Reading is a known virtue:
Library has literature.
A kid with a book
Has a smart look.
We believe in you and we profess:
You will be a huge success.
Hard work, focus, and creativity
Will take you out of captivity.
Axiom in Greek is “axioma.”
Be worthy and get your diploma.

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