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Are you scared on the day of the test?

This “scary” costume shows the cover page for the official state exam (TAKS) for English Language Arts. Are you affraid of tests, quizzes and exams? What can you tell about assessment in your school? Let’s compare educational systems in the United States and the Russian Federation.

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  1. I am not afraid of tests. I think if you are scared – you will have many mistakes. Before tests i relaxed and repeated some rules. At my first exam i was very nervous, but i wrote it not bad. some exams are very hard, and other are easy.

    Comment by JLT | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. In United State we take the Test,Exam,Quizzes. Math, Science, Social Study, English and Reading. My first time I take I was very nervous,because the Test and Quizzes are difficult and I has to read many stories first and then I has to answer .also I will tell about assessment we do many things for example some project and They also prepare us to be better in the districts Task

    Comment by k3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. In my school all the clutch quizzes each week, that the directors have to say it was doing that is something very important for us students. So that we can pose to our classes. Quizzes is a nearly 50% of the degree of the week. The graduation test is one of the ultmos of this year that it can see if a key is removed from his graduation. I think i my friends that the tests are very something important for our studies. why was to echo the school to ensure that we get our careers that want to. Not matter if you do not talk English only that import is what you have muenster studies and thus able to draw your career.

    Comment by e3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. In my school Nimitz high school , we have different classes with different tests like in math we have two tests every semester and in Geography we have one test every semester , but they don’t give us tests only we also have quizzes , we take two or three quizzes every semester . If you failed in any test the teacher would always have a makeup work ,extra credit work, or a retake test , that help us a lot . We also have the semester final test it’s on of the big test for the school year , we take the final semester in the end of the first three semester of the school year . We also have the big test . We take that test in the end of the school year , you can’t pass school if you don’t pass the Taks test . Believe me it’s very hard test .But for I would take it seriously and prepare for it . I would study for 12 hours everyday . It’s so hard so that people wear it for Halloween . It’s very scary . For me and my friends we would do anything to pass that test .

    Comment by A3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  5. In the United States, we have to do a lot of quizzes and tests. In my School most of the time we do it every Friday. Not all the classes have tests on Friday, some of them do it when do it when ever the teachers decide to do. Sometimes the teachers give you a big surprise “pop quiz”. To graduate from high schools., you must pass several tests. The most important tests is the school is the TAKS tests. You have to pass them. The schools give you several opportunities to pass TAKS test. To prepare for a test you must pay attention in class. Another way to study is spend a least a hour for a review of all your notes. Here in my school, we think that quizzes and tests are a big challenge, because it decide if your pass or not. So I take them as serious as I can.

    Comment by j3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  6. In my school , we have seven different classes , wen we have testing day the hold seven periods test . The test do we need for the graduation are task test and semester exams . When I prepare for the test y try to study .what my friends think about the test .they think they are hard and boring

    Comment by jh3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  7. We have a lot of Tests, and Quizzes, we start the year having Quizzes all Friday, we take this Quizzes for about 3 Months, while we are in the period doing these Quizzes we have the Plant Test in the middle of the first semester, then we take the first semester exam, then at the middle of the second semester we take the Testnav Test, and then at penultimate we Take the Taks Test, these is the Important
    Test we take because we take the whole day doing these Test, and then the last one is second semester exam.

    To graduate of High School we need to past the Taks Test, and both semesters exams .

    I prepared my self studying a lot and eating healthy food, and concentrating my self not doing what I know I don’t need to do.

    I and my friends think that Test are Important.

    Comment by V3 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

  8. in the united state we take math,sciencie,social study, history and other.Iwill tell about how I feel when take task. When I take test or exam I feel nervous because the taks are difficult and I has to read many stories first and then I has to answer .also sometimes when we takes taks they give us the time what we has to start and finish and they give little time to answer and are a hard question but I think that it is good because our brain need to flow faster. when I don,t undestand my math class I stay after school to my teacher help me to undertand it.I will tell about assessment in my my school we have good education in each class the teacher tech us all what they know. Also too in my school have many different systems programs to help us to learns many new things and know about it.

    Comment by al2 | November 14, 2008 | Reply

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