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Halloween ghosts in the classroom

The teacher says,
“This class trains the students to be Veterinary Assistant and to take a state exam over the material. We cover the breeds of dogs, cats , and all livestock. We learn how to bandage animals, take temperatures, Groom, bathe and all the general duties of a veterinary assistant, the second year the students learn more techinal procedures and in the third year of the program they intern for 2 hours a day in a vet clinic.

The lesson I was doing is an introduction to bandaging. Everyone thinks it’s easy to do. I just introduce the that our next unit will be on bandaging and to warm up we will be having mummy races. I give then 12-14 gauze style wrap bandages, these are the middle layers in a wet bandage and the race is on. The winner is the group who complete the fastest with the most coverage. They then also have to reroll the wraps and clean up. which are all vet assistant duties. We discuss the problems and how they solved them. We then go into our unit on bandages.”

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  1. Hello!!! We are students of 9A class. We think that this selebration is vry interesting and funny. Our country and culture haven’t got Halloween. But it is not very good.

    Comment by 9A P.Z. | December 1, 2008 | Reply

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