ROOM 219

virtual extension of the ESL classroom

Welcome to room 219!

I am thrilled to invite my classes to the blogosphere extension of room 219 at Nimitz HS. Our first meeting in this virtual space will be about the study of English vocabulary through understanding of a word’s  etymology. English has many words with Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Click on the links below to see words’ structural analysis and examine the connection between the meanings of the parts and the whole.

AUTOMOBILE the-word-automobile.ppt

GEOGRAPHY geography_eg.ppt

HYPERCRITICAL hypercritical.ppt 

HYPOTHERMIA hypothermia.ppt, hypothermia_af.ppt

IMPOSSIBLE impossible.ppt  -this slide show proves that nothing is impossible for those who constantly improve their skills; esl-project_1.ppt



PROACTIVE presentation1.ppt, adv.ppt

REARRANGE rearrange.ppt

RECITER reciter.ppt

REGENERATION  regeneration_jm.ppt, period-3.ppt

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